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Do you want to get creative, learn new skills and make a difference?

Youth, Arts & Skills Wellingborough has set up a Youth Forum of young people who get creative and use that creativity to make a difference locally with social action projects. The project aims to develop young people’s transferable skills and their creativity as well as giving them a platform locally to make a difference in their community.

Join the Youth, Arts & Skills free sessions at St Marks Church Queensway on Wednesdays 22nd February, 8th March, 22nd March and 29th March 6pm-8pm where we’ll be working on a new project – you get to decide what!

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YAS Music project Nov – Dec 2022

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More about Youth Arts & Skills

We are looking at creating impactful statements within art pieces where young people express a view which adults or other people in their community might not have thought about before, or raise an issue that young people are facing locally, or project a vision of an ideal future Wellingborough for young people.

It could be a cross stitch about community safety, a painting which shows what safe spaces for young people look like, a poem about the type of mental health support young people need locally, or photography showing problem areas or success stories around the town. Anything! But please let us know your ideas as you start so we can accommodate your artwork. The artwork needs to be suitable for public viewing i.e. suitable for young ages, containing no swear words for example.

You can read about the project so far below and please email with questions or ideas for artwork, collaborations etc.

Ideas from Youth Arts & Skills group


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Updated 20th February 2023

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