With a little help from our friends

With a little help from our friends

by Tom Briggs (Producer)

I’m moving into my first home at the moment, very slowly stripping away decades of wall paper, turning my walls from ancient plasterwork into a patchwork pattern of filler, I’m generally trying to dodge all the asbestos and make myself at home.

This time last year I would have told you that I’m not a particularly practical person but now, my newly installed curtain rails (still standing at the time of writing) beg to differ. What’s changed? About a year ago I started volunteering at the KHL Community Workshop, a brilliant welcoming facility in the heart of Corby that teaches absolute beginners, like me, woodworking, 3D design, sewing and craft skills.

I’ve met dozens of brilliant, inspiring and creative people. I’ve stood around a stranger’s woodwork project and discussed all the possibilities that could lie ahead, a quick moment of collaboration with a neighbour I might not have met anywhere else. I’ve never felt more connected to my community, never felt more confident in my ability to try new things, never had more people to ask for advice.

There is lots of evidence that since the Covid-19 lockdowns there are fewer people volunteering across the country. We’ve noticed this at Made With Many too, we’ve always relied on volunteers to be the voice of the communities we serve, to tell us what arts and culture would excite their community and to make sure that everyone in Corby and Wellingborough know about what is going on in their neighbourhood.

We want volunteers to start a creative journey with us, that might mean working with us to design projects in your place or inviting us to come and talk to your community group. It might mean sharing an event on facebook with someone you think might enjoy it.

However you think you can get involved, I would invite everyone to find a cause in your area you care about, to carve out some time to make great things happen in your place. If you’re not sure where to start why not come start a journey with us at Made With Many?

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Published 21st September 2023

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