Windrush Day 2022

Memories of the Windrush quilt made at WACA with Artist Seiwa Cunningham. Photo by Jo Byrne.

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A local group at Wellingborough African Caribbean Association (WACA) have been working with Textile Artist Seiwa Cunningham to produce a community quilt to commemorate the Windrush Generation in Wellingborough. The group came together to discuss memories of the Windrush, their creative ideas for the quilt and learn new sewing skills together.

The resulting quilt, entitled Memories of the Windrush, will be on display permanently in the main hall at WACA and was unveiled at the Festival of the Windrush on Saturday 18th June 2022 – a family fun day event organised by WACA to celebrate Windrush Day, with support from the Black Community Forum at Made With Many. The quilt was also displayed in Wellingborough Library for the duration of the Wellingborough Stories Festival during May 2023.

Windrush Day is celebrated in the United Kingdom every year on June 22nd. The day marks the arrival of African-Caribbean people to the shores of Britain and honours the British Caribbean community.  

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Updated 25th August 2023

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