Week-by-Week: Processions Textiles Workshops

As one of 100 organisations working with women up and down the country in the lead-up to the final PROCESSIONS event in London, we are so excited to share some updates with you on how our workshops with The Eloquent Fold are coming along.

Every week, we’ve been sharing ideas, learning new skills and sewing our materials together to create our banner for the procession through London on 10th June.

Carole Miles of The Eloquent Fold has been keeping her blog site very well updated with new blogs every week. We are currently in the fourth week of our workshops with only four more to go!

Click the links below to take a look at what we’ve been up to…

Week 1 – Discussions, Questions, Research

The group listening and discussing their ideas on feminism and what the vote means to them.

Week 2 – Inspirations and Designs

The group had some examples of banners used in processions in the past. This photo is a beautiful hand-painted banner made in 1930 by The Womens’ Co-operative Guild.

Week 3 – Blooming Marvellous!

The group began to cut and sew flowers together to add to the banner.

Week 4 – Silks, Sizes and Stamps

Everyone stamped their own slogan onto fabric to be a part of a rosette.

Click here to find out how the final Processions event in London went.

Here’s some more info about the project:

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