Thoughts from the Danny Hero team

The creative team for Danny Hero have been working hard with the cast over recent months. The local creative team have had access to expert guidance and support from their mentors. This is thanks to our partnership with Perfect Pitch. Also, a few members of the team have shared their thoughts about their experiences with their mentors.

The team’s talented mentors have recently been working on West End shows such as Mamma Mia and Billy Elliot. The mentors have now the team at the audition weekend and have visited Corby to assist with rehearsals. This means that the whole cast gets to benefit from their expertise.

The Team’s Thoughts

Here’s what a few of the team had to say about their mentors:

“My mentor is Mark Collins, a working West End Musical Director.  We met in London backstage at Billy Elliot which was the show he was working on at the time and there was the opportunity to sit in the pit during the show. I read up about Mark when I was given his name, and it was apparent I have been given somebody at the top of their game who is also an awesome pianist.  Not intimidating at all then! 

But he’s actually really friendly and helpful, both to me and the cast, wanting to see Corby put on the very best show possible. He’s an all-rounder, and I can see why he gets a lot of work. The most interesting thing for me was watching him work with singers at the audition stage.  He focuses on more things at a time than I normally do with a singer, and I’m going to try that in future, rather than do things in stages.”
Barbara Hockey – Musical Director

“I first met Stuart at a technical meeting at Easter, where several different set design ideas were discussed. We tried to balance the desires of the director with the needs and restrictions of the venue. The introduction of a video wall by Stuart was an exciting idea and also something I haven’t worked with before.”
Peter Morgan – Design & Technical Manager

“My mentor, Anthony Whiteman, was great at the auditions, very supportive and friendly, he gave good, constructive feedback which I’ve tried to incorporate. He’s taught me to instil confidence in the cast when teaching steps and to clearly explain why and what the movement should convey.”
Marcia Mitchell – Choreographer

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