Staff team

The Made With Many programme is managed by a small core team, hosted by Groundwork Northamptonshire, who work alongside the community, partners, freelancers and mentors who help us to deliver the programme.


Artist call outs, tenders and job opportunities are advertised via our e-newsletterArts Jobs and on our Opportunities page. 

Ann Leonard

Ann is normally available between 9.30am and 3pm from Tuesday to Friday to answer general enquiries and take messages for other members of staff. Also contact Ann regarding invoicing, data monitoring and procurement.
01536 267 895
(please leave a voicemail message as we are back to working from home again – the phone will be checked weekly)

Myrle Roach
Community Engagement Co-ordinator (Wellingborough)

Contact Myrle about involvement in community panels, the Black Community Forum, volunteering or getting in touch with your community group in the borough of Wellingborough
07936 958997

Tom Briggs
Community Engagement Co-ordinator (Corby)

Contact Tom about involvement in community panels, volunteering, the Cultivate Programme, or getting in touch with your group in the Corby borough.
07923 221759

Sarah Brown
Producer (Wellingborough)

Contact Sarah with enquiries relating to projects, partnerships or the Cultivate Programme in the borough of Wellingborough

Vicky Frayard
Producer (Corby)

Contact Vicky with enquiries relating to projects or partnerships within the Corby borough.

MarianAMarian Anderson
Marketing Manager

Contact Marian for media enquiries, interviews, marketing, advertising, website, newsletter and social media.

Helen Willmott
Programme Director

Contact Helen regarding evaluation, programme sponsorship or academic research enquiries.

Other enquiries

Any other enquiries should be emailed to

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