Staff team

The Made With Many programme is managed by a small core team, hosted by Groundwork Northamptonshire, who work alongside the community, partners, freelancers and mentors who help us to deliver the programme.

Please send general enquiries to and they will be forwarded on to the appropriate person.

Trishna Roy
Admin & Marketing Assistant

Contact Trishna about monitoring and invoicing.
01536 267895 (Mon – Thu)

Becky Carrier (Wellingborough)
Youth Projects Co-ordinator

Contact Becky about Youth Projects.

Myrle Roach (Wellingborough)
Community Engagement Co-ordinator

Contact Myrle about involvement in community panels, the Black Community Forum, volunteering or visiting your community group.
07936 958997 (Tue – Fri)

Tom Briggs
Interim Producer

Contact Tom about projects, volunteering, or visiting your community group in Corby.
07923 221759 (Mon – Fri)

Vicky Frayard
Interim Senior Producer

Contact Vicky with enquiries relating to projects or partnerships or the Cultivate Programme.
07525 589702 (Tue/Wed/Fri)

Marian Anderson
Marketing Manager

Contact Marian for media enquiries, website, marketing & advertising.
07535 940055 (Mon – Fri)

Helen Willmott
Programme Director

Contact Helen regarding evaluation, sponsorship, consultancy or academic research enquiries. (Mon – Fri)

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Updated 27th September 2022

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