Silk painting

Silk painting being made into bunting
Silk painting being made into bunting © Donna Fox

Silk Painting

Since October 2022, Artist Donna Fox has been leading a series of textile workshops at both Glamis Hall and Hemmingwell Community and Skills Centre in Wellingborough.

These free sessions have given local people to opportunity to experiment with using hot wax batik and silk painting techniques as well as creatively sharing stories inspired by their passions and hobbies.

Designs by participants have now have been incorporated into displays of large colourful bunting that can be admired and enjoyed by everyone visiting each centre.

Photos and feedback

“I have not done anything like this since school and I used to love art” 

“My daughter will be really proud when she sees this” 

“I have really enjoyed doing this silk painting, it is amazing how it has come to life with the colours”


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Published 9th January 2023

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