Enjoy the setbacks

Enjoy the setbacks

Blog by Tom Briggs, Interim Producer

January is a time for trying new things, just remember to enjoy the setbacks.

I’ve always wanted to make a proper table with my own hands. Over the years I’ve confided this in a few people and in return, I have received more books on woodworking than anyone needs and, having received two more this Christmas, it’s becoming embarrassing that I have done nothing practical with them at all.

Like lots of people, I’m not very good at starting new things. I get frustrated with my lack of skill quickly and fail to give myself time to improve. As a result most of my hobbies last about as long as my new year’s resolutions, 2023’s batch will have, no doubt, been abandoned by the time you read this.

This year I have been hearing about a group of writers who crave rejection, who set themselves a target to get 100 rejections from publishers and literary magazines every single year. These writers share their scores on twitter and have created a community that encourages each other through success and failure, seeing every set back as an achievement. They spur each other on to work harder knowing that anyone who is getting vast quantities of rejections is at least working proactively to improve their craft and get their work seen.

I’d like to go into 2023 with this attitude, to court failure and in doing so take on more opportunities to try interesting things. I’m booked onto a day long course at the KHL Community Workshop in Corby, which has just released a new programme of workshops to book whether you fancy yourself an artist, a 3D printer, a laser engraver, a budding table maker or any number of other things.

There are lots of reasons to learn a new skill whether you want to try something new, meet new people or find more time for yourself. This year, I’ll try to remember to give myself some time to do it badly, enjoy the setbacks and learn. I may not get a new table out of 2023 but I’m committed to getting at least a few splinters.


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Published 19th January 2023

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