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In May 2022 Sleeping Radical and Michal Spišiak of RYG Films screened a new film about the Romanian community living in Wellingborough, made in collaboration with the help of local residents and it’s now available to view online. In May 2023 this film was also screened at the Castle Theatre during the Wellingborough Stories Festival.

From Under The Same Skies from Michal Spisak’s YouTube channel

About From Under the Same Skies

‘From Under the Same Skies’ is a collaboration between Michal Spišiak and Emma Matthews of Sleeping Radical, commissioned by Made With Many and supported by Arts Council England. Together they worked with participants to create a film that looks into the common experiences to be found between one country and another. In this film, they spoke to residents of Wellingborough who moved here from Romania. With their input and guidance, the film will be used a way of reaching out beyond their daily contacts to let the rest of the community know about their experiences.

Sleeping Radical

Sleeping Radical is the creative vehicle for artist and storyteller Emma Matthews. Emma creates stories specifically for visual mediums. She has created narratives for performance art, theatre and film. Emma strives to speak up for those who have been overlooked or have no platform of their own. She has worked with groups of all different ages to support their own creativity and encourages all that she works with to find their creative voice. Her artistic ambition is to create connections between people and the places we live using stories that tell of shared experiences.

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Updated 15th June 2023

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