Remote Arts project with Pen Green Children’s Centre

Children taking part in the project ©Pen Green Centre for Children & their Families

Remote Arts Project with Pen Green Children’s Centre

Artist Kaitlin Ferguson worked remotely with the children at Pen Green Centre for Children and their Families over a period of ten weeks. During this time, Kaitlin created kits for the children packed full of resources for exploring and making art about different themes such as: Nature, Movement, Light, Earth and Space. The children along with the staff at Pen Green playfully explored these themes in response to Kaitlin’s weekly videos, which We have now turned into a booklet showcasing the amazing work created, which will be available at Pen Green Children’s Centre or at the Made With Many Corby office.resulted in some incredible artwork and buckets full of fun.

 “It has been a lovely project to work on during lockdown. I have really enjoyed putting the kits and videos together for the children and seeing their photos of how much they have been enjoying the project has been lovely to see!”  Kaitlin Ferguson (Artist)

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