Reminiscing: 10 Years Of Making

Giant inflatable lobster at Grow Festival 2019 © Adam Balcomb

By Marian Anderson, Made With Many

In 2014 Made With Many (or Made In Corby as we were then known) produced our first big event, a 1,000 seat concert at Corby Town FC showcasing a new song cycle for the town, created by Deep Roots Tall Trees choir with Barb Jungr and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra as the ‘backing band’.

Since then we have produced a whole host of creative projects and 2024 marks our tenth year of making music, art, crafts, dance, theatre and festivals in Corby, and since 2019 in Wellingborough too – working throughout the COVID lockdown and many other challenges from bad weather to bomb scares.

As we celebrate this milestone, we’ll be reflecting on the past 10 years on our social channels under #10YearsOfMaking and taking stock of the things we’ve made, both the physical arts in its many forms but also the less tangible, such as partnerships, memories, and more.

We’ll also be collecting memories, archiving our projects and sharing these materials with local Heritage Centres and Libraries, to make sure that future generations have access to these photos and stories. Reminiscing and preservation are crucial for local history, as recollections of events that may seem unimportant now, could end up becoming something that forever stays in your mind.

Last August someone posted a link in a local facebook group about Jonah the Whale, a slightly gruesome yet fascinating whale that toured the UK on the back of a lorry, including a visit to my hometown in the 1970s. This experience was something I always wondered I had imagined, so it was reassuring to see that others along with me, thought they had dreamt it happening.  We now had photographic evidence, as we didn’t all have camera phones then, but the spectacle had obviously made a huge impression on many young minds, including my own.

Collective memories, or ‘history’ as it’s more formally known will tell local children in 30 years when a photo pops up of a giant inflatable lobster, that it really happened. However, how they will receive this information is as yet unknown, since dramatic advances in methods of communication makes it difficult to predict – and we haven’t even started experimenting with the metaverse…yet.

As well as looking back, we’ll be making more creative projects throughout 2024 – sign up to our newsletter to keep in touch!

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