My 6 months with Made With Many

28th October 2021

Blog by Stewart MorrisonMarketing Assistant

As I joined Made With Many, the country was still in the midst of strict COVID-19 restrictions, with the majority of organisations not running as they usually would. From my first few zoom calls and upon speaking to everyone from both the Corby and Wellingborough teams, I immediately got a sense of resilience, robustness and adjustability as I was presented with the work Made With Many had continued to produce during the height of the full lockdowns.   

These attributes, combined with everyone being so friendly and accommodating, allowed me to get right up to speed straight away and really feel like a valued part of the team right from the first week. This feeling remained prominent throughout as I was shown trust and given responsibility which planted the seed to my growing confidence over the 6 months. Not only has my confidence grown but I have been able to become more flexible and react quickly to circumstances changing in a work environment.

As the restrictions were continually eased, I was eventually able to start attending in person events designed to engage with the community. Before my time at Made With Many I would’ve said that getting in amongst people within the community to try and encourage them to engage with the arts at events would’ve been out of my comfort zone, but with the guidance of my colleagues, I was able to become increasingly competent at this and 6 months later it has become one of the aspects of the job I enjoy the most.

Reflecting on the past 6 months, I have unquestionably gained valuable experience both with using marketing to engage with the community online and working at in person events, seeing what the wonderfully altruistic experiences and opportunities that Made with Many offer do for the local communities in both Corby and Wellingborough. Seeing local people engage with something you have taken part in creating/promoting is a rewarding feeling I was not anticipating before taking this placement.

I said initially in ‘My first month’ blog that my first month had whizzed by, the subsequent 5 months have absolutely flown by as each day has been different to the next. I would encourage others looking for work experience to consider Made With Many as you are guaranteed to be welcomed with open arms and to enjoy your experience whilst simultaneously learning valuable skills to help progress in the working world.

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