National Apprenticeship Week: the benefits of being an apprentice

About National Apprenticeship Week

National Apprenticeship Week is running from the 6th-10th March 2017. The idea is to bring together employers and apprentices across England to celebrate the success of apprenticeships.

The Benefits of Being an Apprentice

By Natalie Sherlock, Marketing Assistant
8th March 2017 (Made In Corby has since been renamed Made With Many)

In March 2016 I started my digital marketing apprenticeship with Made in Corby. Now, a year later, I can say that pursuing an apprenticeship has been the best decision of my life. Not only have I gained a qualification, I have also learned valuable skills that I will carry through the rest of my career. I have now secured further employment, thanks to the skills and confidence I have developed from being an apprentice.

I truly believe that I have been able to alter my career path through an apprenticeship. I’d urge anyone to consider applying for one. There are so many benefits to being an apprentice. Here are my top 4:

Earning a wage while gaining a qualification

One of the biggest benefits of being an apprentice is working towards a qualification and being paid to do so. I am nearing the end of an NVQ Level 3 in digital marketing, which is the equivalent to two A-Levels. If I studied A-Levels at school, I not get paid and would not gain hands-on experience within the role. I have also discovered that I can go on to study at university with my qualification. This means that I can further my education without learning in a school environment. Earning a fair wage whilst gaining a qualification is a bonus, no matter how you look at it!

Gaining an understanding of the environment you want to work in

Unlike gaining a qualification through school, college, or university, being an apprentice allows for you to gain hands-on experience of a working environment. Employers usually look for experience when hiring an individual, meaning that an apprentice could have the upper hand when applying for a job. Working with Made in Corby has given me the opportunity to expand my skillset so much more than just studying digital marketing alone.

Developing skills and confidence in your role

Being an apprentice gives the opportunity to gain a skill set not necessarily on offer in education. By working while gaining a qualification you also have the chance to build confidence within your role. I have never worked in an office environment before working with Made in Corby. Now, I am confident in working in an office, helping to organise events and other skills that I would never have been able to gain through just studying.

Being able to network with other businesses in a similar sector

Another fantastic opportunity of being an apprentice is that your place of employment allows for you to network with other businesses. Whether they are partners in your company or simply stakeholders, it provides a great chance to build relationships with different businesses. In fact, through my association with Love Corby I actually met my new employers.

My Conclusions

To conclude, I would recommend anyone to consider an apprenticeship as a form of gaining a qualification. Before beginning this apprenticeship, I was employed at Tesco and never dreamed of being able to apply for jobs and feeling like I meet all of the desired skills. The support I have received from Made in Corby has been astounding and I cannot thank them enough.

If you’re considering an apprenticeship, please visit your nearest Jobcentre Plus and the Apprenticeships website. For National Apprenticeship Week, they are hosting an open morning from 10:30AM – 12:30PM. Pop down to hear all of the possible opportunities available to you!

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