My First Month At Made With Many

My First Month At Made With Many

by Jess Invernizzi, Marketing and Admin Officer

I joined Made With Many after a rewarding five-year stint at Northamptonshire Mind. During my time there, I had the opportunity to develop my marketing skills while also working within service delivery. Working in marketing within the non-profit sector has been an incredibly fortunate opportunity; promoting a cause gives me the drive and motivation to achieve more each day.

Made With Many, originally known as ‘Made in Corby,’ initially caught my attention when I had just moved to Corby. Attending the first Grow Festival helped solidify my sense of belonging to the community. Immersive arts experiences, workshops, and performances became an integral part of my life. My young family and I have eagerly attended Made With Many events every year since.

First week at Made With Many

My journey at MWM began with attending the annual Strategy Day, a day after returning from Glastonbury Festival. However, the team’s collaborative and supportive structure at the creatively abundant KHL Community Workshop reassured me. This was far from the world of sterile boardrooms and cubicles. My next task was attending the Family Arts Festival, which proved to be a delightful experience. Engaging with talented artists and witnessing immersive performances was a real treat for my first week. The positive feedback from attendees highlighted the esteem in which MWM’s events are held. I feel privileged to contribute to the team’s efforts in bringing enriching experiences to Corby and Wellingborough.

What’s next

One of the most enjoyable marketing highlights of my role so far is using Canva to create graphics for our local events and workshops. There’s room for experimenting with visual communication, while also conveying Made With Many’s ambition for Corby and Wellingborough. Looking ahead to 2024, when MWM will mark its tenth anniversary, joining the team at this juncture feels exciting. I can’t wait to get involved with the celebrations.

Advocating for accessible arts, irrespective of socioeconomic backgrounds, is a cause close to my heart. Many individuals abandon their creative dreams when faced with financial challenges. Programmes like Made With Many play a pivotal role in nurturing a lifelong love for art, instilling pride in artistic creations, and reigniting adult passions.

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