My Apprenticeship: What I’ve Learned So Far

Apprenticeship Blog by Eloise Robertson

19th October 2017
(Made In Corby has since been renamed Made With Many)

In my first month as an apprentice at Made In Corby, I have been involved in so many things like Fun Palaces, blog writing and community panels! In a standard desk job, I would probably never have experienced these things, so to be able to come into work and stretch my mind with completely new tasks every day is very, very refreshing.

1. Confidence

One of the most valuable things I have gained is confidence. My job role consists of a large amount of talks at community groups and engaging with people that I would never have done before. After meeting a variety of different people with different passions and personalities I can say that I am getting more comfortable speaking to new people.
Phone calls were also a big no-no for me before starting my apprenticeship – I would never call anyone that I didn’t know without panicking and scripting what I would say first. But now I can comfortably answer the phone and carry out a conversation professionally, without stuttering every other sentence!

2. Marketing Skills

For my first blog, 7 Music Nights in Corby You Might Not Know About, I used a marketing technique called Content Aggregation. This means compiling content that relates to each other into one piece. From doing this I have created a ‘listicle’ which is a fun way to present different ideas. I had never even heard of Content Aggregation before I began my apprenticeship at MIC, but it really has opened my eyes into the world of marketing and is a transferable skill for my employment following the completion of my apprenticeship.

3. Social Media

The importance of social media is becoming more and more evident every day with most people interacting with it on a daily basis. This is why advertising and promoting events on social media is crucial as it allows you to connect with so many people. Throughout my first month at Made In Corby I have been able to explore this by trying out two different strategies with similar topics and seeing which one people enjoyed more. I can do this by checking the post insights on social media platforms to see post engagements and how many people the posts have reached. This has allowed me to compile results on what social media interactions people engage with more.

4. Networking

In my short time at Made In Corby, I have met so many different people!  I have made so many contacts just from going to panel meetings and community gatherings, it is well worth attending them! It is amazing to meet people with similar passions to you, hear their ideas and share your own. Having the opportunity to network will prove beneficial to me when I finish my apprenticeship as I will have extra contacts to branch out to in order to help find myself employment.

When I finish my apprenticeship, I will write another blog to let everyone know how it went.

Wish me luck!

Eloise Robertson

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