Looking back on the year

Bub Club Christmas party in Wellingborough on 6th December

Blog by Marian Anderson, Marketing Manager

Published 15th December 2022

Recently, we’ve been getting in the spirit of the season with events to bring communities together in both Corby and Wellingborough to celebrate traditions from around the world through festive crafts, singing and dancing. We’ve also been wrapping up 2022 by spending December shining a light on some of our year’s highlights and reflecting on what we’ve achieved, such as recording over 54,787 arts engagements with local people!

2022 has been an insanely busy year for projects, as well as a year full of changes – with staff leaving for new endeavours or retirement, and new folks joining our team – so right now, we’re all still getting back in our stride. We know that our communities are also experiencing unsettling factors in life at the moment too, such as the unknown impact of heating bills, huge cost of living increases as well as efforts to gain fair pay and conditions to be able to afford the things that mean the difference between surviving and thriving, poor health or good wellbeing.

On the shortest day of the year – 21st December – the Made With Many team will be entering hibernation mode, like many of you, to spend time with loved ones over the holidays and re-energise ourselves ready for 2023. As the days start lengthening again, the dark diminishes and the light grows, we’ll be back with renewed vigour and more creative opportunities to share with you all in the new year.

We already have more fantastic workshops planned at the KHL Community Workshop in Corby and a youth voice project in Wellingborough amongst others – and we hope that some of these provide the ‘icing on the cake’ that so many of us need right now.

However, before we say goodbye to 2022, we’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and if you are in need of any creative inspiration over the holidays we invite you to visit our Get Inspired guide

Highlights and reflections of 2022

You may have also seen our round up of 2022 on our social channels at #MWM2022.


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