Mike Prescod photomosaic and audio

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Mike Prescod photomosaic and audio

Cinnamon Arts digital artwork remembering the work of Mike Prescod

Cinnamon Arts are proud to present a large, digital print photo-mosaic of Mike Prescod MBE, created from images and quotes from the whole community, including friends, family and colleagues. The artwork launched in 2022 at Wellingborough Library and was exhibited throughout October as part of Black History Month and put on display again in May 2023 as part of the Wellingborough Stories Festival.

Contributions reflect activity that progressed all equality issues across Wellingborough and further afield: why and how he influenced change that benefitted Black communities and other under-represented groups and how he tirelessly challenged injustice at all levels of authority from within County and Borough Councils, Probation Service and the Mental Health Trust.

Accompanying the visual Artwork are soundbites collated from Northamptonshire Rights & Equality Council (NREC) oral recordings from the Race Act 40 project(2018) and In Conversation event which can be listened to further down the page.

Mosaic tiles also include text taken directly from Northamptonshire Black History Association’s transcribed interview with Mike, as part of NREC’s 30th anniversary in 2003.

“The 4-foot-tall, lightweight artwork can be exhibited at local events and schools and used as historical representation of local Black contribution. We hope that this triggers discussion and activity that can be further developed with Made With Many.”

Jenny Labbon, Cinnamon Arts

View the artwork

Zoom in on the detail of the Mike Prescod photomosaic below.

Listen to the audio recordings

Listen to the audio recordings on Cinnamon Arts’ SoundCloud.

NREC in conversation with Cinnamon Arts Group

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Updated 15th June 2023

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