Meet our new Marketing Assistant

7th April 2016

Natalie Sherlock

Hello, my name is Natalie Sherlock. I am pleased to announce that I am the new Apprentice Marketing Assistant for Made in Corby. I am thrilled to be working for a programme so focused on our local community and the creative arts.

I was born and raised in Corby and think that it’s fantastic to see all of the outstanding projects, both past and upcoming, that Made in Corby has helped to make possible. I have always been very passionate about the arts and it’s great to be in an atmosphere where others share this view. Now at the end of my second week as a Marketing Assistant, I feel as if my mind has been opened up to an array of wonderful arts projects as well as the ethos of Made in Corby. After attending a community panel meeting I received an exceptional insight into the fantastic ideas the local people have for our home town and a further understanding of the love that we, as a community, have for Corby.

Up until 2012 I attended Brooke Weston Academy, where I studied mainly creative-based subjects such as Photography, Media, English Literature etc. which only furthered my love for the creative arts. Upon completion of my GCSE’s I decided to throw myself straight into employment as I viewed work experience as an essential. For the past two years I was employed by Tesco Extra and am ecstatic to begin building a career for myself in marketing.

It is an honour to spend the next year working with both Made in Corby and the local community.

This article was published on 7th April 2016 – we have since rebranded to Made With Many

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