Looking Forward

Looking Forward

Blog by Tom Briggs, Community Engagement Coordinator (Corby)

In this very strange time, I find that I am often looking forward to the future. For me the future means seeing friends and family, going to the theatre and eating a curry out (probably at Voujon in Corby, but there are lots of good options!).

For Made With Many that means events, big and small, some virtual, some in person, new projects, postponed projects, ongoing projects and eventually being out and about drinking tea with you all again.

A few weeks ago my title and responsibilities in the team changed, I’m now the Community Engagement Coordinator for our Corby programme. These are not exactly the circumstances I had imagined starting the role under, as I was very much looking forward to getting out of the office more often and the option to occasionally work from home, though current circumstances are perhaps a bit more than I had bargained for.

Social distancing, lockdown and shielding certainly pose lots of obstacles to engaging our communities but it also makes this an incredibly important time to be listening to how people would like us to respond to the challenges we all face, as well as those unique challenges that only some among us have to deal with.

With all of this in mind, over the coming weeks we will be asking all of you, whether you have been involved with our work before or not, to help guide our planning for the future. There are lots of ways you can support us with just a little bit of your time and imagination.

We will be releasing a series of surveys asking people about their thoughts on different projects, the first of which is below. We will also be forming a few new community panels to help us guide brand new projects, some of them ongoing and others completely new.

The role that our regular volunteers, or Arts Ambassadors play in our programme will also be developing. Arts Ambassadors are local people who help to spread the word in our communities about opportunities to get involved, and we would like to hear from anyone in Corby or Wellingborough who is interested in helping us to connect with more local people, especially those who do not currently benefit from our work.

In the meantime, I look forward to hearing from some of you soon and having the opportunity to see how many of you have been creative while we’ve been away (and also that curry).

To get involved email Tom on tom@madewithmany.org, call 07923 221759 or leave a message on 01536 267895.

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