Looking Back

Dancing in the rain at Grow Festival 2019. Drawing ©Nicole Mollett based on a photo by Lorraine Dziarkowska

Looking Back

Please share your photographs of our past projects with us!

We are now nearing the end of another 3-year programme, and looking forward to a new phase, under a new name that encompasses both of our areas of Wellingborough and Corby.

To help us reflect on the past 3 years, artist Nicole Mollett is turning memories from our projects into new drawn artworks. These images will  be shared on our social media, alongside questions we’d like people to answer about events and activities you might have taken part in with us.

So, we’re asking you all to take a look through your photo albums and submit your memories of our events, letting us know when and where the photo was taken.

When the resulting artworks are released, we will credit the people who took the photos  – but please make sure any people (including children) whose face can be seen in the photograph have given permission to be drawn.

How to send a memory to us

Email your photo to info@madewithmany.org or you can post them on our or  Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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