Looking back at lockdown

Looking back at lockdown

We need your experiences of being in Corby during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

We’re interested in the major and the miniscule, the successes and the challenges.  You might have experienced a life-changing moment, a significant realisation or a devastating loss, and this is a moment to reflect on that and share it with others.  But we also want to hear about the small joys, the little bumps and bends in the road – maybe you finally mastered a family recipe, spoke to a neighbour for the first time or missed a gig you were really looking forward to.

What can I send?

You can tell us whatever story feels relevant to you – in whatever way you like. You can send us a story, drawing, photo, poem, creative writing response…or a combination. It could be about you or someone else if you have their permission. It could be a group response from your family, business or community group.

If it helps to get you started, you might want to consider the following:

  • How is your life different now to how it was 18 months ago?
  • What have been the challenges you have faced over course of the pandemic?
  • What surprised you most about lockdown?
  • What did you learn to appreciate that you had taken for granted before?
  • Who are the people (friends, family, members of the community, public figures) who have made a difference over lockdown?
  • What do you miss about pre-lockdown life?
  • What are the things that have got you through any difficulties? This could be a piece of music, a quote or a TV series that you’ve binged.
  • Is there anything you would have done differently if you’d known what was about to happen?

We expect the final publication to be a mix of stories – so although some might be detailed and descriptive, we also hope that some will be short snapshots of a moment in history.  So, whether there’s something big you need to share or if there’s one line that sums up a lockdown experience you’ve had, send it in, we’d love to read it!

What will happen to my work?

  • We’re looking for up to 50 submissions of stories and images from people resident in the Corby borough during any of the COVID-19 lockdowns.
  • These will be published in an A4 book and if your work is selected you’ll get a copy of the book! An e-publication will also be distributed online.
  • There is limited space in the book, so we will be selecting a variety and balance of different stories.
  • We won’t change the wording but we may edit it down.

How to submit your story or image

To submit your story fill out the Google Form HERE or below – you can also email any images to info@madewithmany.org by the end of September 2021. There is no minimum amount of words but the maximum word limit is 500 words. If you send an image, you may want to send a caption to go with it.

If you would like some help to tell your story contact Vicky Frayard at vicky@madewithmany.org or call 07525 589702.

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