Working with what is best in ‘left-behind’ neighbourhoods

Queensway, Wellingborough

16th September 2021

Working with what is best in ‘left-behind’ neighbourhoods

By Helen Willmott, Programme Director at Made With Many.

A couple of months ago, a group of MPs identified neighbourhoods across the country that are ‘left-behind’, poorer areas with limited community spaces and engagement. In North Northants, the identified areas are Kingswood and Hazel Leys in Corby, Avondale Grange in Kettering, Queensway in Wellingborough. Working across both Corby and Wellingborough at Made With Many means that I know these areas, and the people that live there, really well. And we know that these areas have more than their fair share of problems, especially with the devastating impact of knife crime that has taken the lives of young people in both Hazel Leys and Queensway in recent months.

However, I also know that these places are full of passionate and committed people who are dedicated to changing their neighbourhoods for the better and organisations that do a great job of providing spaces for the local community. Last month I was at an event at Glamis Hall in Queensway where practical solutions to addressing the issues facing young people were discussed with community leaders and the positive energy and will to make change happen was incredible. And only yesterday I sat in the soon to open KHL Community Shed in Hazel Leys, a space for the community to come together to learn practical skills and meet new people.

Here at Made With Many, we’re looking at ways to enhance what is already successful in these neighbourhoods, working with local residents and groups to increase opportunities where they are most needed and bring a little bit of joy along the way. This will start later this month with a new music project for young people in both Hazel Leys in Corby and Queensway in Wellingborough, with more events in the plans for future months (& years!).

If you want to get involved, have ideas about activities for these areas or simply want to find out more information, get in touch.

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