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Doodle Cafe in Corby town Centre March 2023

Kids Business – Doodle Cafe

Young entrepreneurs start a Kids Business in Corby

For the past few weeks a group of young people in Corby have been working incredibly hard alongside award-winning artists Hunt and Darton to come up with various creative ideas for a new pop-up business in Corby town centre.

Working in partnership with young budding entrepreneurs, the artist duo harnessed the flamboyant imaginations of local children to create Corby’s first Doodle Cafe!

Taking place over 5 weekends the project started with a free drop-in badge-making workshop in Corby town centre, where families had the opportunity to get creative and chat to the artists about the project.

Young people who signed up were then invited to attend meetings and sessions over 2 weekends which focused on aspects of an enterprise, clarifying their vision – including everything from uniforms to budgets and signage – before completing a dramatic make-over the space and getting their business ready to open to the public.

During this process the young people developed skills in creative thinking, planning, marketing and team work, and after coming up with countless ideas, they were shortlisted and put to a public vote.

The young people then went out and pitched their ideas to shoppers in Willow Place and after a close vote, the Doodle Cafe was born.

The following two weekends of trading the business saw over 600 engagements with local people as families flocked through the doors to sample the delights of the Doodle Cafe, with great feedback received from enthusiastic customers. It was also the first of Hunt & Darton’s Kids Businesses to turn a profit!

Entry was free and there was a small charge for refreshments or the doodle disco. The young people who designed and created the Doodle Cafe, the Adoodlercators were also there to ensure fun and enjoyment for visitors to the shop.

“The Doodle Cafe allows you to doodle to your heart’s content, on the floor, walls and even the staff! You can even hire a toy poodle and eat some noodles whilst you doodle! Or if you fancy a boogie, you can buy a doodle disco during your visit.”

Vicky Frayard (Head of Creative Programme at Made With Many)

Doodle Cafe was a Hunt and Darton production through their Kids Business project, co-produced by Made With Many and funded through Arts Council England.

“Very fun, 11/10. Staff are very nice, enjoyable place to be, would come again.”

“It was awesome such a good idea thanks for having us all the kids loved it thanks for a good doodle day.”

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Updated 17th March 2023

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