Kids, creativity and coffee

Photo ©Sarah Brown

Kids, creativity and coffee

By Sarah Brown, Wellingborough Producer, Made With Many

It’s almost been a year since the first lockdown started – but when you have three children under four, leaving the house is a mission anyway. However, I do miss the toddler music group – an opportunity to entertain the kids while a lovely volunteer offers to make you a cup of coffee.

With all activities happening at home I’ve had to get creative – and I’ve found sometimes the simplest ideas work best. We have made binoculars and shakers out of toilet rolls, covered the pavement outside in chalk drawings, searched YouTube for songs to dance around to, whizzed round the house pretending the laundry basket is a rocket, and built dens. Every day was exhausting but the kids were happy and I got through with a steady stream of coffee and quick ideas (usually discussed on WhatsApp with other mums).

Now let’s be honest – a year on the inspiration for things to do can be a challenge, and I’ve drunk far too much coffee in a bid to keep going each day. But now I know where to look for activities and there’s always something new to do. There’s some great ideas online – Made With Many has a number of simple activity videos and projects on their website and there are social media groups where parents can share ideas.

The house might look like a warzone at times but we have had far more opportunity to spend time as a family. By involving the kids in finding things to do, they have become more creative, coming up with their own ideas for activities. They can see the joy in the simplest of things and you can sense the accomplishment they feel when they’ve created something. And at times while they are distracted I click the kettle on…

If you’re looking for inspiration, explore our website for an abundance of creative ideas to entertain your family at home or get connected with others through the arts.

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