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Join a Panel 

Local people are the focus of what Made With Many do. Panels of local people, formed through focus groups, community panels, and consultation events, help to make our decisions. This means that we can be confident in delivering what the Corby community want to experience.

A wide range of people make up our panel members. Maybe you’re an arts enthusiast, who has an interest in seeing how decisions are made? Or a community champion, who cares about delivering something extraordinary where you live? Perhaps you’re a local resident who wants to use your skills, expertise, and also your networks to help others?

You don’t need to be an artist or know how the arts world works because we’re looking for people with a passion for their community or the arts! If you’re willing to give some of your time, in return, we promise tea, biscuits, and lively discussion!

Current opportunities

CLICK for more about the Re-Cognition Community Panel (Corby)


Future Opportunities

If you would like to get involved in community decision-making in future please contact one of our Community Engagement Co-ordinators.


Myrle Roach
Community Engagement Co-ordinator (Wellingborough)

Contact Myrle about involvement in community panels or other volunteering in the borough of Wellingborough
07936 958997


Tom Briggs
Community Engagement Co-ordinator (Corby)

Contact Tom about involvement in community panels or other volunteering in the Corby borough.
07923 221759

Using Zoom

Don’t worry if you have never used Zoom – if you have a smartphone, tablet or computer you can download and use it for FREE. Please CLICK HERE to download Zoom instructions to get you started.

Keep in Touch

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