Introducing Made With Many

1st June 2020

Introducing Made With Many

Last year we received the brilliant news that Arts Council England had awarded additional investment for us to expand our programme to include Wellingborough, alongside continuing our work in Corby. Whilst we were hugely excited at the new opportunities this would bring; new partnerships, new activity and loads of new people to meet, we realised that this would mean that the name of our programme, Made In Corby, would no longer describe our wider purpose.

Made In Corby represented so much of what we are proud of. New cultural experiences, from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra playing at the football ground to sculpture trails and the three amazing Grow Festivals, which were created by and with the people of Corby. So we knew that we needed to embrace our new geography whilst holding onto the essence of our old name.

So, from today, our programme will be called Made With Many. It’s taken us a while to find a new name, and we’re finally happy that this represents everything we are and hope to be:

Made – We’re committed to creating new cultural experiences and activities, from festivals, performances and exhibitions to workshops and trips. In two places where manufacturing has been a big part of local history, we’re finding new ways of making.

With – We never work alone. We love being with people, from having a natter over a brew to making key decisions together. The more that different ideas and opinions can be joined together, the better our programme will be. This isn’t for or by or in…. it’s with. As equals. Everyone has something to bring to the table.

Many – We work with lots of people. Most importantly, everything we do involves local people in making decisions, creating new art, volunteering and enjoying themselves. We work with our local partners, including charities, community groups, venues and even sports teams, to make sure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to get involved. And we also work with a wide range of professionals; artists, creative practitioners, technicians, event managers and designers, who help to make our work as brilliant as possible.

We hope you like our new name….. and that you’ll be one of the many that we make with over the next few years.

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