Grow Festival 2019 line-up announcements!

Grow Festival 2019 line-up announcements!

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Bees: The Colony – Artizani

Ever wondered what your bog-standard bumblebee gets up to when you’re not looking? Well, now you can find out!

Explore a multi-sensory installation of multiple beehives all hiding a unique, unexpected interior world engaging spectators through taste, smell and touch as well as sight and hearing. The Bees investigates the complex symbiotic relationship humans have with bees. It is beautiful, humourous and thought-provoking.

Saturday 27th July in Willow Place &  Sunday 28th July in Coronation Park, Corby.

*No bees are harmed in the making of this show. In fact, there are no bees. Not real ones, anyway.

©Dave Charnley Photography Ltd

Madame Bonbon and Her Manservant Nobby’ – Cocoloco

Madame Bonbon brings a magical, topsy-turvy, complex aroma and full-bodied feast to Corby.

Her hairstyle alone is a drama. Follow her path as she whimsically creates a sumptuous evening peppered with intricate wit, batty tongue twisters and ridiculous riddles.

She’s a barking mad royal personality, sweeping through the town, imparting accusations as vehement as they are bewildering and compliments as barbed as they are humorous.

Sunday 28th July in Coronation Park, Corby.

Pulse! – Joss Arnott Dance

Performed entirely around a unique 3.5m high percussion wheel designed by Eleanor Bull and engineered by Rolls-Royce this adrenaline-fuelled dance and live music production is a combination of rhythmical flare and heart-in-mouth choreography for all the family to enjoy.

Sunday 28th July in Coronation Park, Corby.

Boom Bike BourréeDan Fox

Boom Bike Bourrée brings a joyous mix of medieval dance, folk music and hip -hop!

A 21st century street band featuring hurdy-gurdy, accordion, trombone and beat-boxing all wirelessly amplified through the amazing Boom Bike sound system.

Saturday 27th July in Corporation Street &  Sunday 28th July in Coronation Park, Corby.

The Bollywood Brass Band

Bollywood meets Brass meets Bhangra: The Bollywood Brass Band is the UK’s pioneering Indian-style band, playing the great tunes and compulsively danceable rhythms of the most popular music in the world.

Wielding saxophone, brass, dhol drums and a colossal sousaphone, the BBB are one of the most colourful, joyful and exhilarating acts around.

Four hot horns and three funky drummers blend the hottest Hindi film hits with riotous Indian wedding music and Punjabi beats. The band offer a uniquely London take on the world’s most popular music.

Sunday 28th July in Coronation Park, Corby.

Beryl & Cyril’s Great Barnsley Bake Off  –Wild N Beets

Beryl and Cyril are hosting The Great Barnsley Bake Off in Corby! A fun filled game for all the family.

Who will have a soggy bottom? Will you accept their signature challenge? What’s your secret masterpiece to dazzle the judges?

Come along and play The Great Barnsley Bake Off with Beryl and Cyril.  No baking is necessary in the game – but all gluten and nut free cakes welcome.

Sat 27 July – 11.30am, 1.30pm & 3.30pm – Corporation Street East

Sun 28 July – 2pm & 3.45pm – Open Air Theatre

Kindly sponsored by Priors Hall Park.

Grow –  Kapow

Grow is a lively, energetic and vibrant dance theatre duo by Kapow. A comment on humanity and a comedic gardening show combined.

It’s a playful and touching celebration of the power of nature to rejuvenate, take over spaces and grow through the cracks. You will see order and chaos, humans transforming into weeds, seeds and beautiful sunflowers.

Whether you are a gardener or not, this production will speak to everyone about our relationship to one another, to nature and of what we need to thrive.

Saturday 27th July in Queen’s Square, Corby.

Kindly sponsored by Johnson Underwood.

Lobster à la Cart! – Artizani

The Conquest of the Crustaceans – giant lobsters take over!

A truly arresting sight as it rumbles towards you – filling your field of vision and tickling with its tentacles. Lobster à la Cart has been a huge hit with audience up and down the country.

Saturday 27th July in Corby Town Centre (walkabout).

Foto: Luka Dakskobler

Two Old Men – 2Faced Dance Company 

2Faced Dance Company’s “Two Old Men” tells us of extraordinary experiences, eccentric behaviour and witty tales. Two Old Men will make you gasp, laugh and cry as the old men take you on a lifelong journey all the way to the pub.

Saturday 27th July in Queen’s Square, Corby.

Compost Mentis (2012)

Compost Mentis – Whalley Range All Stars

Compost Mentis features a large compost heap, set in a small allotment, and the Gardener who looks after it.

Their relationship begins to break down when he discovers that the compost heap has developed a life of its own, and harbours thoughts fermenting within.

Live action, puppet, mechanical and musical interventions ensure that the audience, like the Gardener, are led up the garden path.

Saturday 27th July in Corporation Street, Corby.

The Vegetable Nannies – Plunge Boom

The Vegetable Nannies are two everyday gardeners who’ve taken their young vegetables out of the ground for a day trip. No doubt the Nannies could use a hand in feeding and taking care of the baby fruits and vegetables.

Saturday 27th July in Corby Town Centre (walkabout).

Of All The People In All The World – Stan’s Cafe

Stan’s Cafe offers a grain of truth about our planet: every grain of rice represents someone, somewhere.

For this beautifully simple performance installation, the artists build small and large mounds of rice representing the political and social realities in the world.

Stan’s Cafe are delighted to bring Of All The People In All The World to Corby, where visitors are invited to put their questions and suggestions to the artists, ensuring an ever-changing rice landscape.

By making normally abstract statistics tangible and placing them in thoughtful relation to each other, this powerful work of art is witty, shocking and ultimately moving.

Come and find yourself.

From 11am to 5pm – Willow Place

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