Goodbye from Sarah Brown

We wish Sarah Brown well as she embarks on new endeavours – she will be very much missed by the team!

Goodbye from Sarah Brown, Producer (Wellingborough)

About two and a half years ago I started asking what people in Wellingborough what creative activities they would like to see happen. There has been an amazing response from local people and families, who have attended lots of different types of events, and been involved in local projects.

Outdoor Playday at Irchester Country Park in July 2022

I have really enjoyed working with artists to find new ideas and getting people to try new things. There are so many highlights, including exploring nature with under 5s; building projects with local creative folk; being out-danced by a 90 year old who put me to shame at a session at Glamis Hall; seeing the kids on Queensway Park who played around an air sculpture, interacting with art in the best way possible by climbing on it! My absolute favourite project though has to be the amazing Memories of the Windrush Quilt that was produced by a group of women at Wellingborough African Caribbean Association, led by Textile artist Seiwa Cunningham. This group not only produced an amazing and important piece of textile art (commemorating the Windrush Generation coming to Wellingborough) but it was so great to see memories come back to life in the group through chatting, laughing and dealing with frustrations together!

Memories of the Windrush quilt made at WACA with Artist Seiwa Cunningham

The Wellingborough creative programme has thrived on support from volunteers, local groups, community centres and fantastic community workers (of which there are far too many to mention)! We’ve had some amazing feedback that has really made it really worthwhile – from the person who confided that her online group during lockdown really saved her and the young people who told me that our last inspirational event Colourscape was ‘Lit’ (which for those a little out of touch means very good!) It’s been so brilliant to see what an impact creative activities have had in Wellingborough and I’ve enjoyed every minute of being involved in it (even the blisters after long days at events were worth it!)

Colourscape in Wellingborough July 2022

There’s lots more in the programme to come and although I’m leaving for a bit of a career change, I’ll enjoy getting involved as a local with lots of Made With Many events in future!


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Published 25th August 2022

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