Giving young people a voice

Giving young people a voice

Blog by Helen Willmott, Programme Director at Made With Many

We all know that our young people have had a tough time recently. From school closures during lockdown to restrictions limiting social, leisure and sports activities, there’s been disruption to not only their formal education but to everything else that helps grow a teenager into an adult.

We’ve been reflecting on this impact, which so many of us have seen happen to young people in our own families, and thinking about what is needed to nurture and grow the young people in our communities and to promote positive mental and physical wellbeing. It’s about much more than missed lessons, it’s also about friendships, family, self-confidence and all those small things that add up to create the people we are.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I believe that creative activities can help young people catch-up on so many of these things; providing safe spaces for young people to express themselves, explore social issues and re-connect with their peers. So at Made With Many, we’ve been making those opportunities happen. In Corby, we’ve worked with The Core at Corby Cube to run Lyrical Lockdown, a music project for young people ending in an open air performance, and are looking to continue youth music activities from the autumn onwards.

And over the next few weeks, young people in Wellingborough will be sharing their own creativity through Borough Bash, a range of creative activities led by a group of young people working with Warts And All Theatre. From their free magazine, ‘Wellow Pages’ and the ‘Wailingborough’ spooky podcast to three very special free outdoor events, Borough Bash promises to be fun for all ages. But most importantly, it has given local young people the opportunity to explore both their own creativity and their hometown, and regain some of what they have missed out on.

To find out more about our activities with young people, and to book your place at the Borough Bash events, click here call the office on 01536 267895 or search for Made With Many on social media.

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