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Whether you like to delve into real-life or escape into fantasy, why not spend some time reading or listening to a story?

(Updated 23rd March 2023)

  1. Get involved in the Wellingborough Stories Festival in May 2023 and creative workshops in the run up.
  2. Jólabókaflóðið or ‘Yule Book Flood’ is a hugely popular Christmas Eve tradition in Iceland, where families and friends gather to gift and read books.
  3. Follow Wellingborough Library and Corby Library for loads of ideas for books and audiobooks you can enjoy completely free.
  4. Join BBC Radio Northampton’s Book Club from the comfort of your own home!
  5. There are 47,000 fascinating personal stories in the WW2 People’s War archive, from people who experienced World War II all around the world.
  6. Follow your local library on facebook for loads of book and activity ideas as both Corby Library and Wellingborough Library or read an eBook or listen to an eAudiobook FREE on BorrowBox with any device – just activate with your existing library membership!
  7. What was in vogue when you were young? Mods, rockers, ravers, punks, goths, emos? Sign up to tell your story to the Museum of Youth Culture.
  8. Read stories of Corby New Town on the 60 Miles By Road or Rail website, or submit your own!
  9. If you like to hear about real lived experiences, hear stories from Wellingborough’s homeless or South Asian communities or Corby’s Living Legends.
  10. Find true stories at The National Archives, where they host lots of online content including their latest exhibition, Letters of love, loss and longing.
  11. Tales of life & events in Wellingborough, gathered from across generations, for the whole community to enjoy. A project by writer Karen Rust supported by our Cultivate programme.
  12. Download MBD‘s digital story app, Atom and Luna: The Quest For Old Mother Redbeard, an interactive Augmented Reality tale for the whole family.
  13. Get some great book recommendations to increase wellbeing for all ages through the Read, Talk, Share campaign. It expands The Reading Agency‘s Reading Well and Reading Friends programmes, to tackle loneliness and supporting people in their journey towards better mental health.
  14. Ever wondered about the story of your own family? If you’re spending more time at home this is a great opportunity to start delving into the stories of your ancestors, and Northamptonshire Libraries provide free home access to library members to Find My Past and Ancestry UK Library edition.
  15. Interested in true local stories? Read Mike Ingram’s forensic look at the most famous Northamptonshire conspiracy, The Gunpowder Plot in the Nene Quirer.
  16. Looking for something unique? Do you have an interest in digital stories, electronic literature or digital art? Then have a look around the Digital Fiction Curios archive to experience something immersive and unique.

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