Food Glorious Food

Food Glorious Food

By Helen Willmott, Made In Corby

I really love food. I think it’s one of the best things in life. And not just in a posh restaurant, ‘foodie’ type way. One of my favourite things is a fish finger sandwich on cheap white bread. Or a pack of jelly sweets. Or cauliflower cheese. Or, to be perfectly honest, just cheese. And I love the way that food brings people together; sitting in a friends’ garden enjoying a bbq on a summers evening or the gathering of my siblings around mum’s roast chicken and apple pie. We need food everyday (or
every hour if you are as ‘hangry’ as me!), but it can also be such a special occasion, a treat bringing people together and a way to celebrate the milestones of life.

As well as enjoying eating food, I’m also a bit of an amateur gardener. I’ve got a little veg plot in my garden and am currently growing broad beans, courgettes and lettuce. I love seeing tiny seeds into straight rows of plants. And, although the weeding and watering can be tedious, it’s amazing to get home from work and cook a dinner full of vegetables straight from the garden. It reminds me of digging up potatoes with my dad and growing cress at primary school.

We all have stories about food; our favourite meals, first food memory, family dinners and first dates. Sometimes it’s about the food on the table, whether it’s familiar or exotic, and sometimes it’s about who you share it with. Food is essential for living, and for growth, which is why this year’s Grow Festival is all about food. There’s shows about tea parties, compost heaps and lobsters, a parade of giant fruit and vegetables, and an installation about the secret lives of bees. And, like me,
teams of volunteer gardeners have been growing crops across Corby ready for a giant community feast.

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