My First Month

Trishna Roy

My First Month at Made With Many

Blog by Trishna Roy – Admin & Marketing Assistant

Everyone here at Made With Many has been welcoming and I found myself part of the family by the end of the first week, which really seemed to fly by.

A little bit about me – I have been involved with the arts from a young age doing theatre, such as directing the school play whilst in my GSCE years. This job allows me to combine my love of the arts with my desire to help people which I have always loved since my years spent as a Dementia Nurse.

I have had the opportunity to go to all the locations that we* are based and my favourite spot is The Green Patch. Talking to other employees gave me the opportunity to hear the struggles they have had in the recent years and why they are so passionate about what they do – to put it lightly, it was inspiring.

Since joining I have been developing my skills in marketing using software I am unfamiliar with such as Canva, Eventbrite, Mailchimp and Survey Monkey. I have also taken time to have one-on-one sessions with everyone on the team and have enjoyed taking ownership of projects.

One of the jobs I have been entrusted with is sorting out the store rooms and logging the inventory and there are some weird and wacky assets!

Our team meetings have been enlightening and have outlined some great projects coming up. The ethos of this charity and the help that they provide through art projects for disadvantaged communities is why I applied for the job and I must say in my first month I am not disappointed and proud to be part of this family.

I am looking forward to what the future may hold.

*Groundwork Northamptonshire – Made With Many’s host organisation

Published 5th October 2022

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