Fireworks, play and creativity

11th November 2021

Creative stuff by and for young people in Wellingborough

Blog by Sarah Brown (Wellingborough Producer)

Since the start of the Made With Many Programme in Wellingborough in May 2020, we had planned to engage young people in creative activity in the town. Lockdowns and distancing had meant that this had not been possible at first but we continued to plan some great projects to get young people’s attention. 

As we have recently celebrated Fireworks night and Diwali, it seems appropriate to share the colourful explosion of creative projects for young people in Wellingborough too!

At the end of October we hosted the Autumn Shindig (a day of creative arts, performances and fun) on Queensway Park. There was some amazing stuff to see and do, and the craft tent was brimming with young people and their families all day. The most exciting thing, however, seemed to be a wind sculpture (called Playing in the Wind from Eye Music Trust), that children and young people were able to climb on, catch, and run around. It was unbelievably popular and great to see so many people having fun!

It was so exciting to be asked to be a judge at the Hindu Mandir’s Annual Rangoli Competition at the end of October. Rangoli designs are made of colourful ingredients (powders and coloured rice) and young people take part in the competition each year, making exciting colourful designs to celebrate Diwali.

Although I inevitably had to help choose a winner and runners up for each category, I was struck that everyone had put so much time, effort and concentration into their designs. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun in the process too and even the parents were trying hard not to get involved!

It was also nice to see young people and their families take part in Diwali lantern making (a video was posted on our website and we shared 50 lantern-making packs with the community). Diwali celebrations went off with a bang, with a procession through the town and firework display organised by Wellingborough District Hindu Association. See more Diwali photos HERE.

We have also been working with St. Marks Church on Queensway, who run a really popular youth club. Artist Marvin Mudzongo from Lemonpop Workshops has been visiting the youth club to come up with colourful designs for a mural in their secret garden (a space used by the youth club and nursery at the church). The mural is now finished, and it’s great to see a really creative, exciting space created for local young people.

Marvin Mudzongo is also leading some Express Yourself workshops for young people, commissioned by the Black Community Forum on Tuesdays (4.30pm to 6.30pm). This will allow local young people to explore their creativity through a range of workshops sessions including customising clothing, design, and creative writing.

It’s more important now than ever, that young people have fun and creative opportunities within the community, either as a way of spending time with friends or family, or to build skills and work together as a team. We are working to plan some future sessions for young people in Wellingborough, along with events, so watch this space!

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