Family Rave was a hit!

After a long preparation for our Family Rave provided by Big Fish Little Fish, we are pleased to say that it was a success!
It seems that so many of you enjoyed it and even want another one next year! We’ll see about that, but until then, we’d like to share with you the fantastic photos that were taken on the day by Adam Balcomb at Abdigital UK.

Take a look at these photos for a closer look into the day…


Can you spot yourself in them?

We hope you had a great time at our Corby family rave with the Big Fish Little Fish crew and DJ Glenn Aston! Thanks to…

Posted by Made With Many on Wednesday, 22 November 2017


There was a ball pit, glitter cannons, a bubble machine, glow sticks and so much more. We also had our #JoinTheConversation activity during the day for people to imagine and document what creative and arty activities they want in Corby in the future! This gave us some very interesting ideas! This activity will be available at all of our future events for everyone to get involved in, so gather your ideas in time for our next event as we’d love to see what you come up with!

It was lovely to work at the Family Rave as it really showed how even something as “old-skool” as a rave can be made fun and family friendly!

Due to the day being Animal Fantastical themed, our face painters were working hard to get all of the children looking as funky as possible with animal motifs! There was some extra speedy painting going on! We loved all of your animal themed clothing!

Thank you all for coming!


Big Fish Little Fish family rave logo

Update – we’re having another family Rave!

Big Fish Little Fish Family Rave

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