The Wild Winter Challenge – January 2021

The Wild Winter Challenge - January (episode 2)

Some of you will have received one of our Wild Winter Challenge activity packs from one of our project partners. But, don’t worry if you haven’t got a pack, as you may already have some of the things you need around the house or be able to source them easily, as they are low cost and non-specialist items.

Once you have your materials, download your Wild Winter Challenge map HERE – which you can also find below January’s video. Click on the circles on the map to find January’s activity instructions – and watch Harriet and Jodie from The Wild Tribe show you the activities below.

Activity 1: BINOCULARS Make a pair of Bird-Finding Binoculars and try identifying some winter birds.
Activity 2: SPYGLASS Get outdoors with a scavenger hunt to find lots of things in nature.
Activity 3: OAK TREE Listen to The Wild Tribe reading Tree and make your own Ribbon Wand to try tree flow dance and yoga with Olivia Hickman!

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