Photo Scavenger Hunt with Paul Stringer

Next in our series of #MadeAtHome activities is from filmmaker Paul Stringer, who has set everyone a photo scavenger hunt that can be done in your home, in your garden or on a walk! Look at his clue sheet to find out about the things you need to collect and the different types of shots you can take. Download the Scavenger hunt clue sheet HERE and share your photos with us on our #MadeAtHome posts us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Win Prizes

Once you’ve completed each challenge you’ll be able to do a quick #MadeAtHome audience survey to tell us what it was like, for a chance to win a £50 shopping voucher. Each time you complete an activity you can take the survey again and increase your chances of winning!  See the #MadeAtHome main page for prize draw terms and conditions.

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