Digital Art shines a light in Corby

We have recently joined forces with a group from the Oakley Grange Resource Centre – a centre for adults with learning difficulties – along with Catalyst Theatre Arts. Our plan? Commission an artist for an future project, led by adults with learning difficulties in Corby. This thrilling new project is something we are very excited to be a part of.

The Community Arts Panel was created with a group of clients that have shown interest in the arts, and currently attend Oakley Grange Resource Centre.

The artist

The Oakley Grange panel have been leading on this project, and are actively involved in the whole process. After short listing and interviewing applicants, the panel have now commissioned their lead artist, Jason Wilsher-Mills.

Digital Art
‘Not too Shoddy’ digital installation at Ossett Town Hall in 2014

Jason is a disabled artist who uses iPads to create digital art. His work is inspired by many themes, including: his own disability, popular culture, childhood memories, social heritage. By using an iPad, Jason can create large-scale pieces of digital art that can later be printer or projected, without limitations.

Since May 2012, Jason has worked with over 20,000 young people in schools and galleries across the UK. From the House of Parliament, the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar, Lincoln Castle and more. He routinely delivers workshops for people of all ages and abilities, giving them the opportunity to discover ways of creating art using new technologies.

Jason, alongside a yet-to-be chosen local artist, plan to work with a mixture of groups to produce a large scale piece of visual art, the whole of Corby won’t be able to miss it!

Juliette Pierson, of Catalyst Theatre Arts, said: “As part of the interview process, each shortlisted artist ran a practical workshop. Jason’s workshop was very well received.  The panel were keen to develop new skills and were very inspired by the opportunity to work with a disabled artist. Jason has outlined an ambitious project which will really put disability arts on the map, celebrate the lives of those he works with and cause a real stir. The finale will be quite literally impossible to miss and we cannot wait to get started!”

Chosen artist, Jason Wilsher-Mills said: “I am so excited to have been chosen as artist for the Made in Corby art commission as it will give me a chance to work with a truly amazing and inspiring group of artists within the community of Corby, giving them the skills and opportunities so that they can take part in what is hoped to be a truly ground breaking project. The community arts panel at Oakley Grange Resource centre will be partners in this artistic journey, which will culminate in a public performance of digital art, puppetry and music, the like of which has not been seen before. Also I hope that my disability will inspire other disabled people within the community to be creative and be a partner within this commission.”

Get involved in digital art

Are you a local artist or disability group? If you’re interested in being a part of this project and working alongside Jason Wilsher-Mills, please contact us.

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