Danny Hero story takes shape

We want to share with you how Danny Hero, our new musical for 2016, is progressing.

Writer Timothy Knapman, well-known for his children’s books, and composer Laurence Mark Wythe have spent the summer working on the script – and it’s sounding great!

Later this month, there’s the chance to meet Timothy and Laurence and have a go at performing a song from the musical for yourselves at our Taster Sessions. And if you’re interested in helping out behind the scenes, you can have a chat with the team producing the musical about the creative and production team roles.

But in the meantime, they’ve shared this brief synopsis with us to whet your appetite:

Danny Hero is a romantic, spectacular, feel-good musical about a teenaged boy called Danny McIntyre.  Danny lives with his mum in a council flat in a town with a glorious past, but an uncertain future – though where Danny really lives is in his imagination, in a vivid fantasy world where he is a superhero, sent from across the universe to protect the people of planet Earth.

Of course, his mum worries about Danny, and the other kids at school think he’s just plain weird.  Only his best friend, Kyra – the coolest girl in school – and his grandad, Andy, believe in him.  But when a rich businessman comes to town promising to return it to prosperity – and Danny says that it’s all a con – even their faith is tested to the limits.

Has Danny got what it takes to win the day, save the town – and become the hero he’s always wanted to be.

Taster Sessions will be held at 6.30pm on Friday 30th October at Stephenson Way Community Centre and at 10am and 2pm on Saturday 31st October ay Danesholme Communicare Centre. To book your place visit www.madeincorby.eventbrite.com or call the office on 01536 267895.

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