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By Myrle Roach, Community Engagement Coordinator at Made With Many

Cultural celebrations span the universe from continent to continent, country to country and culture to culture.  The ingredient in every celebration that makes each one unique is creativity.  There is something about a cultural celebration that brings out the creativity of organisers, participants and even audiences.  Made With Many is committed to capturing and showcasing this creativity while supporting organisations to put on cultural celebrations.

Holi Festival of Colour, Kwanzaa, Mardi Gras, Carnival, Chinese New Year, Glastonbury… and the list goes on and on and on.  Every one of these are cultural celebrations in their own right and give creative license to their celebrants.  Some can be celebrated in any part of the world and others are specific to a location. In Wellingborough, through our recently formed Black Community Forum we will be nurturing and developing creativity in cultural celebrations including India Republic Day, International Women’s Day, Africa Day, Windrush Day, Diwali and Kwanzaa.

Working with artists like Cinnamon Arts Group, Lemonpop Workshops, Words by Alliouagana Pearl and Emerald Network has generated a creative energy that is contagious.  Local organisations such as Wellingborough African Caribbean Association and Wellingborough District Hindu Association are busy planning cultural celebrations throughout 2022 that will reflect the creativity of these artistes and welcome new and upcoming ones.

One of our roles at Made With Many is to facilitate growth, support development and encourage creativity in artists and what better way to showcase this than through cultural celebrations.  There are endless opportunities for artists to be inspired and motivated through getting involved in cultural celebrations.  Visual artists, Digital artists, Poets, Creative writers, Songwriters, Musicians, Vocalists, Actors … all creative practitioners can play a role in bringing creativity to a cultural celebration.  Using their artistic skills and talent to enhance the celebration and highlight the cultural aspect will give the event its own unique flavour while reflecting the cultural essence of the celebration.

As the world emerges layer by layer from pandemic isolation, planning is in progress for in-person cultural celebrations. Made With Many invites local and countywide artists and creative practitioners to enroll on our Artists Register which gives them an opportunity to become a part of our creative community. 

Join our Creative Community

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Published 17th February 2022

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