COVID-19 update

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COVID-19 update

A message from our Programme Director, Helen Willmott.
(8th October 2020)

As we move into autumn with the COVID-19 pandemic still a reality in every aspect of our lives, we thought it was worth an update on what we’re doing here at Made With Many and our plans for the coming months.

Looking back

Next week will mark seven months since we first cancelled an event due to the pandemic and a lot has changed in that time. We’ve changed our name, recruited four new members of staff (including the new Wellingborough team), written a new business plan and worked with loads of new partners. We’ve delivered activity online through our Made At Home series, re-imagined cancelled events into online versions, commissioned artists to deliver new projects in Wellingborough through our Seed Commissions and delivered over 1,400 creative activity packs to households across Corby and Wellingborough.

We’ve been busy and at times it has been difficult, but we’re super proud of what we’ve been able to achieve. I want to take this opportunity to thank not only the staff team, but our many partners and artists, for their commitment, positivity and hard work in making this all possible.

Looking Forward

We’ve moved from a place of doing what we can quickly, to now thinking about how our programme needs to be delivered over the next few months.  We’re currently working with community partners and artists to develop new projects, targeted at those who find it most difficult to access traditional cultural activities. In Corby, we’ll have a focus on social isolation with the next phase of Connecting Corby, launching a new music project for young people and will be working with a range of partners to look at the role of green technologies. In Wellingborough, we’re developing new projects for families with pre-school children, the homeless community and across our priority geographic communities, alongside planning our re-scheduled festival for July 2021.

With ever-changing guidance and high numbers of cases locally, we’re still cautious about running in-person activities. So, each of these projects will be delivered remotely, through a combination of pack delivery and online content, with the option to meet in-person introduced at a later date. We’re assessing each opportunity for in-person activities on an individual basis, and have already made a few in-person visits to groups that are meeting safely.

The majority of our staff team are still working from home, and will be for the next few months. However, we have partially re-opened the office so we can be contacted Tuesday to Friday on the office phone (01536 267895) for general enquiries.

There are obviously still challenges ahead, but we’re optimistic and excited by the creative opportunities that we’re planning for the residents of both Corby and Wellingborough. So we hope to see you soon, whether that’s on your doorstep or online.

Programme Director of Made With Many

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