Celebrating Black Creativity

Myrle Roach (Wellingborough Community Engagement Co-ordinator)

Celebrating Black Creativity for Black History Month

By Myrle Roach, Made With Many

Creativity transcends race, but culture and heritage enhance it.  This is what black creativity is, an amazing amalgamation of cultures and heritage that makes for a unique experience.  The authenticity of history provides the foundation on which black creativity is built and thrives, so what better time to celebrate than Black History Month!

At Made With Many we focus on encouraging and promoting all forms of creativity, whilst recognising the individuality and originality that various cultures bring to creative expression.  Black creativity spans the artistic world from visual arts to textiles, from literary arts to photography, from music to dance, and it goes on. 

Behind every art form is a rich history that inspires contemporary artists as they pursue their own artistic journey.  Through the decades black creativity has made amazing contributions to traditional and less traditional art forms.  Every creative can identify an artist that has awakened their interest, inspired them and been a beacon lighting their journey.

This month as we celebrate Black History Month in Wellingborough, Made With Many takes a look at how we can be inspired, as we focus on three themes that significantly contribute to the creative process: Inspiration, Change and Stories. As we explore these themes we will dive into a rigorous discussion, led by the acclaimed author, poet and performer Nairobi Thompson who will combine this with the delivery of some of her electrifying poetry. Youth mentor, public speaker and spoken word artist Quinton Mílise will also bring his special branding of poetry while sharing his creative journey.

If you are intrigued with the originality of black creativity this is an event for you to attend and share your aspirations.  Join us on Wednesday 25th October at WACA, Rock Street, Wellingborough NN8 4LW, from 6:00pm for light refreshments and networking prior to the start of the event at 6:30pm. 

At the end of what will be an inspirational evening, the goal is to have a vision for the continued development of black creativity in Wellingborough.

Please contact me at myrle@madewithmany.org or on 07936958997 if you would like to get involved in more events like this.

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