Bub Club Christmas Party

Santa arrives at Bub Club’s Christmas Party in the Hemmingwell Centre

Last Tuesday Santa arrived at the Bub Club Christmas Party with goody bags and lots of fun was made with blankets, shiny stuff, wrapping paper and boxes – just like Christmas day! What’s not to love about a great big cardboard box?

Christmas Party photos


“Thankyou so much not only for the Christmas party session but all the sessions. Me and Rocco have enjoyed and fingers crossed we can continue coming in the new year xx”

“We have loved coming, will definitely be back fingers crossed for next year 💕 thank you Sophie you are fab xx”

“Brilliant photos 🥰 thanks for another great session, 🤞 they can continue in the new year xx”

“Fingers crossed the group continues next year 🤞

Thanks to leader Sophie Loosemore-Richards, Bub Club has become extremely popular with local families, so we have a extra-special Christmas surprise for all you Bub Clubbers. We’re very excited to announce that, thanks to further funding from The Mighty Creatives, we will be continuing Bub Club at Hemmingwell Centre until March 2023! Further details to follow in the new year so watch this space…

More photos


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Published 15th December 2022

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