Arts with Young People

Over the last year, Corby people have been telling us that the area needs more opportunities for local young people to engage with arts activities. We are proud to be working with The Core at Corby Cube on the Emerge Festival 2018, staged in and around the Corby Cube on Saturday, 21st April, 11am – 3pm. Emerge Festivals are created by local young people to showcase their creativity through workshops, music and performances.

As planning for the Emerge Festival progressed we wanted to find more ways to bring the arts into lives of Corby’s young people. We held a Community Gathering last month which involved creating conversation about what we think they want versus what they actually want.

What we found out is that Corby’s young people want the arts to be accessible to all as their list of ‘who can be involved’ comprised of a diverse mixture of groups. From holiday play schemes to young people who chose the action of Adrenaline Alley or normally go to bars; young people thought everyone should have an opportunity to join in. They also considered the practical side of bringing art into their lives. Here, the top priority was to have a safe place to work together and produce something to be proud of. Opportunities for self-expression, trying new activities as well as learning and developing skills they can use in the future also emerged as common themes.

The young people of Corby are definite about the kind of art they want. They have a vision of art that comes alive with technology, opening a whole world of exciting possibilities like DJ-ing, music production, 3D printing and digital art. However, traditional skills like creative writing and drawing workshops are in demand; along with ideas of using recycled materials to create sculptures.

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