Artists Shortlisted for Priors Hall Park

Our’s Priors Hall Park community panel, along with assistance from Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, have recently been looking to commission an artist to create public artwork for three neighbouring areas within Priors Hall Park known as; Town Gardens, Rockingham and Weldon Lakes.

After sorting through over fifty applications (varying from international, national and local artists), three artists have been shortlisted to complete the public art piece. Each artist has a unique approach to the brief and will be visiting the Priors Hall Park area in January to gather inspiration for their final proposals. From these proposals, an artist will be chosen by the residents committee. Continue reading to find out more about the chosen artists.

Tom Smith (Lateral North)

Lateral North are a research and design collective who work with community groups, creative professionals and institutions. They represented Scotland at the 2016 Venice Biennale with an interactive installation which let adults and children uncover information about the arts and nature of their home country and it’s neighbours in Northern Europe. In their letter of interest, they stated they “…believe experiencing through participation is key to engaging a cross section of society and age range. The participatory experience will focus on the use of material local to Corby and installation form in engaging visitors.”

Ralph Skrimshire (Handspring Design)

Handspring Design is a small, multidisciplinary practice specialising in sculpture and structures for public spaces. Conversation is at the core of their commissions which include sculptures, shelters, seating installations, and creative spaces for parks, schools and communities. As an initial concept, Handspring proposed a series of sculptures based on the forms of red kites: “These window-like structures would be made of curved ribs of steam bent and laminated oak strips, infilled with stained glass and mounted atop steel or wooden posts.”

Robyn Woolston

Robyn is a site-responsive artist, her practice spans installation, moving image, photography and sculpture. Her work has featured in New York Times and National Geographic Traveller magazine amongst others. She states “Social Engagement forms a back-bone to many of my projects which employ focused and appropriate consultation techniques”. In her letter of interest, she suggested several different ideas for sculptures in PHP inspired by way-markers, animal shelters, and surfaces etched with poetry and geographical information all supported by community events and interventions in the local area.

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