Colourscape in Wellingborough

This summer 1150 people in Wellingborough enjoyed music, dance, colour and fun in the Colourscape immersive arts experience from Eye Music Trust!

The Moonorooni Touring Colourscape, a labyrinth of 25 interconnected inflatable chambers of colour and with spectacular music performances inside, came to Glamis Hall Family Festival in Queensway Park on 23rd July and Eastfield Park on 24th July.

Each day Michael Ormiston presenting free-flowing performances and workshops for families on unusual ethnic instruments and David Stevens presented ‘Sound-Paintings’ where you could create your own music just by moving your hands across touch-sensitive paintings.

The £1 per person admission fees collected will be used to fund further workshops for local people at Glamis Hall.

“We went yesterday – brilliant 🤩 so relaxing and the guys with the instruments and sound boards were very interesting.”

Audience comment

Photos of Colourscape


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Published 22nd August 2022

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