Wellingborough Street Art

New Hemmingwell mural at Nest Farm Crescent

Update 20th May 2022

Launch of a new mural for the Hemmingwell Estate

We have supported Artist Marvin Mudzongo from Lemonopop Workshops to work with the local community on the Hemmingwell Estate to create a new community mural at the Local Centre. The project started back in August 2020 and the idea had been discussed with the community previously.

“We engaged community members in a range of consultations in early 2021, facilitating the youth club members and adult community members at the Hemmingwell Community Centre through a range of creative workshops. The engagement and participation helped to produce rich picturing designs for the Community Centre car park and also a mural wall design was drafted and implemented.

Artist, Marvin Mudzongo

Marvin ran workshops to get people’s ideas for what they wanted to see in their local community space and now that the mural is now finished, it has really transformed the area, with an amazing design.

The project has been supported by the Hemmingwell Community and Skills Centre and Kam Palmer from The Compound Wellingborough. Thanks to all the amazing staff and volunteers who have been involved!

There will be a community celebration and launch of the mural at 12.30pm on Monday 30th May at Hemmingwell Local Centre on Nest Farm Crescent. The launch is open to all members of the community and we look forward to seeing you there!

“It’s been a journey from conception of the idea to brighten up Hemmingwell to implementing the design. We were inundated with positive comments from the young people and adults likewise commenting how it was brightening up Hemmingwell by making it colourful. As a facilitator and artist I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, meeting and engaging with community members and of course seeing it all come to fruition. Thank you.”

Artist, Marvin Mudzongo

“It’s been brilliant to see members of the community get involved in this project, joining in with creativity workshops and deciding what they want to see in their local area. The finished design is a real testament to how exciting the project has been and the amazing work from Artist Marvin Mudzongo has transformed the area completely.”

Made With Many Producer, Sarah Brown

Hemmingwell Local Centre before the mural

16th March 2022

Wellingborough Street Art

Throughout 2022 we will be working on a series of Street Art Murals with several members of the community around Wellingborough. The first was completed at St Mark’s Church at the end of 2021 and a summer project last year saw young people at the Hemmingwell Community and Skills Centre working with local artist Marvin Mudzongo from Lemonpop Workshops

We have also been working with Marvin and local people to design a colourful mural to brighten up and improve the local centre area of the Hemmingwell Estate. The final design will be painted in the coming months and you will be able to see the mural develop as we will be on-site for a few weeks.

Future works

There’s more to come. We plan to develop murals in the Embankment area along the River Nene, with our Black Community and Youth Forums. Look out for artist commissions and more ways that local people can get involved soon.

Visualisation of the Hemmingwell Local Centre Mural design in-situ

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