Autumn Shindig

On Saturday 23rd October we held a fantastic Autumn Shindig at Queensway Park in Wellingborough – a day consisting of an eye-catching array of arts, crafts, dance, music and lots of family fun during half-term!

The Craft Tent was busy with people making carnival headdresses and more with Corby Community Arts and enjoying messy play with Carbon Theatre. The Noisy Tent featured music workshops and in the Dance Tent there was a chance to have a go at interactive Instant Samba to learn some Rio-inspired dance. You could even get dressed up in an exciting selection of flamboyant carnival costumes and have a parade around!

Headline performers Music of the Spheres from Eye Music Trust delighted audiences with a breathtakingly unique musical spectacle of two 12 foot diameter walk-about spheres and a HUGE 36 foot tethered sphere featuring contemporary music and dance performances.

If you attended this event we’d really appreciate you taking this short survey to let us know what you thought of the day!

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