Paper Planes

Artist Vishal Joshi with the Paper Planes installation in Coronation Park © Leona Moss

Updated on 13th May 2021

Paper Planes

A temporary artwork in Coronation Park by Vishal Joshi on 1st & 2nd May 2021

The Paper Planes project was a chance to explore the thoughts, feelings, people, and places that make us hopeful.

In April 2021 we asked residents of Corby to share messages of hope through decorated Paper Planes in windows. The project aimed to create colourful and bright journeys through different areas of Corby, where passers-by can be inspired and cheered up by words of solidarity and optimism.

As part of the project, on the weekend of 1st and 2nd May, artist Vishal Joshi created a large temporary Paper Plane sculpture as a reminder of our ability to lift up and move forward. Alongside the giant 3-metre Paper Plane sculpture Vishal placed 50 smaller paper planes, each handwritten with a message submitted by a member of the Corby community.

View photos of the Paper Planes artwork

Send your own messages of hope

If you would like to send your own messages of hope, you can still download the activity pack  – in this booklet you will find a short exercise to help you plan your messages, and some instructions on making a basic paper plane. There are hundreds of ways to make a paper plane so feel free to be as imaginative as you can. The messages are the important part.

Project partners and supporters

Thanks also go to

  • Thomson Hayes: the team who fabricated the plane
  • Shashikant Purohit at Sharp Bodyworks: for technical advice on developing the build

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