Finding the writer in you

Finding the writer in you
Finding the writer in you

Guest blog by Lucy Anderson

10th February 2021

December 2020 saw the launch of the NN8 Writers group, a mission for a localised writer’s group, its aim to bring people together in the community, through Creative Writing. This organic writing group is proving very fruitful for those involved and welcomes others to come aboard – you haven’t missed the bus!

Hope and hard work was injected into this idea from the off and its benefits are far reaching, not out of reach. The magic that seems to be touching us – comes from each participant being willing to give of themselves, allowing a process to unfold into both a group shape and individual shape – whilst being held in a safe and encouraging space. People often hear the words ‘writing group or course’ and have a misguided view that they need to be a ‘writer’ to join – but here’s the truth of it – you just need to show up and be open to whatever happens. As an experienced writing tutor, poet and facilitator, I believe the magic is ‘finding the writer in you’ rather than trying to live up to a pre-conceived expectation. The process of discovering a writing voice and belonging to a group whilst doing so is fantastic for wellbeing.

Wellbeing isn’t always the obvious ‘supplement’ or ‘help category’ – or having a set of symptoms! Creative writing is a side door that you can simply walk through – for a different view on yourself and a created part of your world. The magic is that confidence grows, you develop a voice between you and the page. The surprises come from within and as facilitator it’s my job to help deliver your own surprises and the group celebrates one another very well.

Writing is connecting, feeling, exploring, observing, questioning, discovering, listening and noticing and yes, a wonderful life craft to learn, too.

This invite does come with a warning though – you may find yourself woken in the night by your own imagination.

Lucy Anderson

Poet, Tutor, facilitator.

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