Greetings From… WINNERS!

Greetings From WINNERS!

Congratulations to all of the winners of the Greetings From… postcard design competition! We have had lots of very creative entries and can now announce the winners below, who will all receive a £25 shopping voucher. The winning entries can also be viewed in the slideshow above.

If you have won a prize, someone from the Made With Many staff team will be in contact soon to notify you of your prize and arrange for it to be delivered to you.


  • Jacky
  • Javier (age 9)
  • Maya (age 11)
  • Shannon (age 16)


  • Emily (age 10)
  • Esme (age 9)
  • Jaycee 9Age 10)
  • Lily (age 9)
  • Roxie-May (age 6)


  • Ethan (age 9)
  • Halle (age 9)
  • Kyle (age 9)
  • Millie-Ann (age 9)
  • Tayana (age 9)

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